Website Hosting

Hosting your website

The importance of web hosting is often overlooked when planning your website, but it plays a vitally important part. Not only does it enable visitors to easily and smoothly access your website, it also looks after your email management.

Well-designed websites for small and medium sized businesses should not take up very much space on a web server, and for normal* websites we charge:

£100 per year, including two email addresses and set up

* this covers 99% of SME’s. Exceptions are businesses with either an exceptionally high amount of activity (very busy e-commerce site), or a very large site.

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About website hosting

You buy a space on the web in the same way you might pay for a parking space for your car. This space costs money, and you need to make sure you have enough. Cheap hosting comes at the price of a web ‘traffic jam’, where too many websites are crowded into too little space, with the result that your website will be difficult to access and slow to load.

Tate Web design provide professional hosting tailored to your needs, but at a price you can easily afford.