Web Build

Professional web design

Your website is your shop window on the world wide web, and needs to accurately reflect your corporate image. I have seen prestigious companies with websites that give the impression that they are working from a lock-up garage, and husband and wife partnerships that give the impression of having offices in the West End !

The one golden rule to good web design it SIMPLICITY. Unfortunately, it is also the hardest to achieve !

You should hardly notice good design. It should always be in the background enhancing your message, but never competing with it. So things crawling, spinning, or zooming across the page are OUT !

Your website needs to look professional for you to look credible and build up customer confidence. I am constantly amazed by how little thought a lot of reasonably sized companies put into their website, whilst spending considerable amounts on brochures and below-the-line marketing.

For this reason we don’t offer a library of templated pages as they tend to look cheap. Each website we build is customised to reflect the unique look and feel of each individual business.

The world wide web is littered with websites that no one ever sees, and are a complete waste of money.

Let us help you make sure that your site is not one of them !

Logo design

A good logo (click for more info) is more important than most people realise. It instantly identifies your company, and serves as the cornerstone for your corporate image, providing a common theme for your stationery, business cards, company signs, and website.

The cost of a website

As a rough indication, an SME should be prepared to spend £500 to £1000 on their website. See Pricing for more details.