Web Build

Generally £500 for a small business website of about 6 to 10 pages, though we are doing a ONE PAGE SPECIAL offer at the moment for only £200 (click here for example). Price includes:

Website Hosting

£100 per annum, including email set up and hosting.

Extra charges

Subscription to Google Business pages

A great way to get positioned at the top of the page on Google Maps

Google analytics set up

This provides highly useful information about number of visitors, search terms used, pages visited, time on site etc.

Photo Gallery

A great way to display your  photos, ideal for artists, photographers, B&Bs etc. You are able to add, order, or delete photos yourself.

Content Management Training

1/2  hours free training is included in the price. Any extra training is charged at my hourly rate of £50 per hour.

Hourly Rate

Extra web work, search engine optimisation, or consultancy is charged at £50 per hour. Special rate for charities on application.

£50 one off fee

£50 one off fee

£50 per gallery

 £50 per hour

£50 per hour