Press Release Management

What is online press release management ?

Online press releases are of course the same as ordinary press releases, the difference is we make sure that they are constructed in such a way as to add a further lever to your search engine marketing performance. They can be incredibly effective.

How can it help me ?

Online press releases can help in two ways:

    1. people read the eZines, want to know more, and visit your site. This brings you potential customers, and increases traffic to your site. Increased traffic = higher rankings.
    2. you get a ‘super link’ from the online publication. Why ‘Super’ – because it is directly on theme, can be from a highly ranked site, and most importantly, links that are part of text content rather than from a list of ‘useful links’ are quite rightly ranked higher. If you’ve been reading through what’s been said on this website, you’ll know that the way we help our customers is by working with the search engines rather than trying to be clever and outwit them. This is a great example.