Link Building

In the old days companies use to use reciprocal linking – you link to me and I link back to you. When this was well done, by choosing quality sites on the same theme with say less than 50 links on the page it worked very well. Now however Google’s clever little algorithm can sniff these ‘spammy’ links a mile off, and we have to work a lot harder to create genuine links that will pass the ‘Google Test’ :

Social Media

Create and link to your own business page on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In etc. and if you make it interesting Google will love it !

Article Marketing

Write good and interesting articles about your company or speciality and publish these in online magazines. Can be powerful.

Blog links

Create a blog and once again make sure it has interesting and topical content.

Online video

Don’t be shy ! Make your own video about you , your products and services and we’ll embed it into your site. Google loves any content that is going to be appreciated by your target audience.



Industry websites