Internet Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation

We have had considerable success in achieving high rankings, which in turn has led to increased exposure and revenue for our customers. We hope that you will give us the opportunity to do the same for you.

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Link Building

Quality Links

In the old days companies use to use reciprocal linking – you link to me and I link back to you. When this was well done, by choosing quality sites on the same theme with say less than 50 links on the page it worked very well. Now however Google’s clever little algorithm can sniff these ‘spammy’ links a mile off, and we have to work a lot harder to create genuine links that will pass the ‘Google Test
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Blog Marketing and Forums

What is the difference between a Blog and a Forum ?
The essential difference between a blog and a Forum is, in a Forum, the topic or the thread is important and not the person who initiated the thread. Since it is a forum, it bases itself on the collective inputs of its members whereas in a blog people subscribe to (or are interested in reading) the blog owners writings and views.
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Press Release Management

What is online press release management ?
Online press releases are of course the same as ordinary press releases, the difference is we make sure that they are constructed in such a way as to add a further lever to your search engine marketing performance. They can be incredibly effective.
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Pay per Click

Pay per click campaigns are where you pay search engines (Google adwords for example) for your keywords to be listed in what is known as the ‘sponsored listings’ typically the right hand column and first two or three results in the natural listings of the results page.
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