Web Design for Small Businesses

Putting your business online has never been easier 

Affordable websites designed to suit your budget

At Tate Web Design we understand the problems of SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises): small budgets, every penny has to be well spent, and you have a business to run ! That means we need to help you decide whether you actually need a website in the first place, and secondly what you can reasonably expect.  We have a simple rule of thumb: whatever you pay for your website should be recouped in net profit driven from the site – preferably in the first year.

Get found by Google

We have an enviable record of getting small businesses ranked on the first page of Google, and would hope to do the same for you. In the old days we could do it by judicious use  of reciprocal links (you link to me, I link to you)  but now we have to work much harder to satisfy an ever more demanding Google, who want to see fast downloading, well presented, interesting websites – so that’s what we do ! However don’t expect to magically get ranked highly for competitive phrases, it doesn’t work like that. Talk to us and we’ll see if we can find a strategy that attracts visitors and makes your website worthwhile.

 Manage your own site

We realise that small businesses need websites that can be updated easily and fast: breaking news, price changes, new products or photos, or menu changes. We also know that you want a website where you can add new pages yourselves, or possibly photo galleries. We therefore provide websites where all this is possible, and much much more: shopping carts, anti-spam contact pages, instant language translation, booking systems etc.