Q. How much do you charge for a website ?
Normally between £500 and £1000, though we are doing a one page special at the moment for £200. On top of that you need to buy a domain name (£15 for .co.uk, £25 for a .com), and annual hosting is £100.

Q. Do I need to know anything technical ?
A. Very little, you can leave that bit to us !

Q. Can I update my own website ?
A.  We use WordPress so yes you can. You do need to learn how to do this, but we give you a free 1/2 hr tutorial.

Q. How much does it cost if you do the updates ?
A. Fortunately for you, not very much ! A normal website needing monthly updates would be about £10 per month. Estate agents who need rapidly changing websites might be about £25 to £50 per month.

Q. Supposing I make a mistake, can I wreck the website ?
No, as we can limit user permissions to avoid this.

Q. How do I know how well my website is doing ?
A. A web analytics package tells you all you need to know and is very cheap (Google Analytics is free, we charge a one off fee of  £50 to set it up). Highly recommended.

Q. How does email work ?
A. Your email address is linked to your website. If we are hosting your site all you need do is let us know which addresses you want and we provide two email addresses free of charge. We help you configure Outlook or Outlook Express.

Q. How do I stop spam ?
Best way is to use a contact form with captcha (see our contact form). If you show your email address anywhere on your site the spam robots will pick it up.

Q. How do I know I can trust Tate Web Design ?
You don’t, so with any web design company do your research. Look at our portfolio and see what we are doing for existing clients. Then meet us and decide for yourselves.
If your question hasn’t been answered above please contact us and we will do our best to answer it.