About Us

Web Design and marketing for Small & Medium Businesses

Tate Web Design was started in 2001 by George Tate after spending 20 years running his own businesses. George was interested in the possibilities offered by the new medium of the Internet, but at the same time alarmed by the number of unscrupulous companies promising the earth to SMEs but delivering very little.

After one disaster story too far George decided to set up his own web design company offering web solutions that worked, and now has a string of successful websites to his credit

‘Word of mouth’ success

So far nearly all of our work has been from referrals, often from people who have previously had a bad experience with ‘cowboy’companies and have heard that we give good, honest, advice and service.

Give us a ring or contact us with your requirements, and we will tell you whether we think a website is appropriate for your business, what it might do for you, and how much it will cost.

Affordable Pricing

You can see from our pricing page that we are very reasonable, but in general you should expect to pay between £500 and £1000 all inclusive for your website, hosting, and email. We are doing a special offer of only £200 for a one page website, click here for details.

We reckon this makes a website by far the cheapest form of advertising. It costs about the same as 1/8th page advert, but whereas an ad is a one-off, a website is forever ! Educate your customers into using your website and you can also save considerable time and money. But enough of the sales pitch, … this is supposed to be about us !

Tate Web Design – Websites That Work